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Category 35: Public Revenue

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Study List
  • ZA0020 Tax Climate in 1960
  • ZA0095 Tax Burden and Feeling of Tax Burden of the Self-Employed Middle Class
  • ZA0096 Tax Amnesty and Tax Morale in the Canton Basel
  • ZA0307 International Comparison of Taxation Mentality (Spain)
  • ZA0308 International Comparison of Taxation Mentality (Great Britain)
  • ZA0542 Population and Taxes
  • ZA2826 The Public Finance Crisis in the Judgement of the Citizens
  • ZA2827 Tax Simplification and Tax Equity
  • ZA3265 Taxation Mentality and Tax Morals of the German Populace and Their Attitudes to Tax Reform 1997
  • ZA5431 Politbarometer Ost 2009 (Cumulated Data Set, incl. Flash)
  • ZA5556 Politbarometer East 2010 (Cumulated Data Set, incl. Flash)
  • ZA5688 Eurobarometer 79.2 (2013)