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PN0028: State Parliament Elections 1960 - 2004 (50 € plus 5 € Shipping)

The DFG project “The impact of Federal Politics on federal state elections” (research project application: Gabriel/Holtmann/Jagodzinski 2003) was realised in joint cooperation by the Institute of Social Science (SOWI I) at the University of Stuttgart, the Institute of Political Science and Japanology of the University of Halle, and GESIS - Data Archive for the Social Sciences from 2004 to 2007. The DVD contains data and documentation of the 105 federal state election studies from 1962-2004, the “Integrated data set federal state election studies 1962-2004” (V2.0), the database system CodebookExplorer to browse the questions and study holdings, the event data 1960-2004, and the makrodata 1960-2004.
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