PN0028: State Parliament Elections 1960 - 2004 (50 € plus 5 € Shipping)

The DFG project “The impact of Federal Politics on federal state elections” (research project application: Gabriel/Holtmann/Jagodzinski 2003) was realised in joint cooperation by the Institute of Social Science (SOWI I) at the University of Stuttgart, the Institute of Political Science and Japanology of the University of Halle, and GESIS - Data Archive for the Social Sciences from 2004 to 2007. The DVD contains data and documentation of the 105 federal state election studies from 1962-2004, the “Integrated data set federal state election studies 1962-2004” (V2.0), the database system CodebookExplorer to browse the questions and study holdings, the event data 1960-2004, and the makrodata 1960-2004.
List of Studies
Study No.Title
ZA0062Cologne Election Study (State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 1962, Preliminary Investigation)
ZA0063State Election in Hesse 1962 (Preliminary Investigation)
ZA0327State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 1968 (Follow-Up)
ZA0472State Election in Bavaria 1966 (Preliminary Investigation)
ZA0514State Election in Hesse 1970 (Follow-Up Survey)
ZA0519State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 1968 (Preliminary Investigation, September 1967)
ZA0520State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 1968 (Preliminary Investigation, March 1968)
ZA0561State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 1966 (Preliminary Investigation, March 1966)
ZA0562State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 1966 (Preliminary Investigation, June 1966)
ZA0563State Election in Rhineland-Palatinate 1967 (Preliminary Investigation)
ZA0702State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 1970 (Preliminary Investigation)
ZA0703State Election in Lower Saxony 1970 (Preliminary Investigation)
ZA0871State Election in Bavaria 1974 (Preliminary Investigation)
ZA1245State Election in Lower Saxony 1982
ZA1246State Election in Hesse 1982
ZA1247State Election in Bavaria 1982
ZA1248State Election in Hamburg June 1982
ZA1249State Election in Hamburg December 1982
ZA1250State Election in Rhineland-Palatinate 1983
ZA1251State Election in Schleswig-Holstein 1983
ZA1370State Election in Bremen 1983
ZA1371State Election in Hesse 1983
ZA1372State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 1984
ZA1465Election for the House of Representatives in Berlin 1985
ZA1466State Election in the Saarland 1985
ZA1467State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 1985 (April 1985)
ZA1468State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 1985 (May 1985)
ZA1519State Election in Lower Saxony 1986
ZA1551State Election in Bavaria 1986
ZA1552State Election in Hamburg 1986
ZA1651State Election in Hesse 1987
ZA1652State Election in Rhineland-Palatinate 1987
ZA1653State Election in Hamburg 1987
ZA1654State Election in Schleswig-Holstein 1987
ZA1655State Election in Bremen 1987
ZA1656State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 1988
ZA1697State Election in Schleswig-Holstein 1988
ZA1766Election for the House of Representatives in Berlin 1989
ZA1932State Election in the Saarland 1990
ZA1933State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 1990
ZA1934State Election in Lower Saxony 1990
ZA1963State Election in Bavaria 1990
ZA1966State Parliament Elections in the New States 1990
ZA2115State Election in Hesse 1991 (Before Start of the Gulf War)
ZA2116State Election in Hesse 1991 (After Start of the Gulf War)
ZA2117State Election in Rhineland-Palatinate 1991
ZA2118State Election in Hamburg 1991
ZA2119State Election in Bremen 1991
ZA2301State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 1992
ZA2302State Election in Schleswig-Holstein 1992
ZA2311State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 1980
ZA2312Election to the House of Representatives in Berlin 1979
ZA2313Election to the House of Representatives in Berlin 1981
ZA2314State Election in Bremen 1979
ZA2315State Election in Hamburg 1978
ZA2316State Election in Lower Saxony 1978
ZA2317State Election in Rhineland-Palatinate 1979
ZA2318State Election in the Saarland 1980
ZA2319State Election in Schleswig-Holstein 1979
ZA2398State Election in Hamburg 1993
ZA2506State Election in Bavaria 1994
ZA2507State Election in Brandenburg 1994
ZA2508State Election in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 1994
ZA2509State Election in Lower Saxony 1994
ZA2510State Election in the Saarland 1994
ZA2511State Election in Saxony 1994
ZA2512State Election in Saxony-Anhalt 1994
ZA2513State Election in Thuringia 1994
ZA2581State Election in Bremen 1995
ZA2582State Election in Hesse 1995
ZA2583State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 1995
ZA2649Election to the House of Representatives in Berlin 1995
ZA2913State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 1996
ZA2914State Election in Rhineland-Palatinate 1996
ZA2915State Election in Schleswig-Holstein 1996
ZA2986State Election in Lower Saxony 1998 (Pre-Election Survey)
ZA3030State Election in Hamburg 1997
ZA3031State Election in Lower Saxony 1998
ZA3032State Election in Saxony-Anhalt 1998
ZA3120State Election in Hesse 1999
ZA3167State Election in Bavaria 1998
ZA3168State Election in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 1998
ZA3169State Election in Bremen 1999
ZA3381State Election in Baden-Wuerttemberg 2001
ZA3382State Election in Rhineland-Palatinate 2001
ZA3435State Election in Schleswig-Holstein 2000
ZA3436State Election in North Rhine-Westphalia 2000
ZA3862Berlin City Parliament Election 2001
ZA3863State Election in Hamburg 2001
ZA3864State Election in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 2002
ZA3865State Election in Saxony-Anhalt 2002
ZA3866State Election in Hesse 2003
ZA3867State Election in Lower Saxony 2003
ZA3894Berlin City Parliament Election 1999
ZA3895State Election in Brandenburg 1999
ZA3896State Election in Saarland 1999
ZA3897State Election in Saxony 1999
ZA3898State Election in Thuringia 1999
ZA3953State Election in Bremen 2003
ZA3955State Election in Bavaria 2003
ZA3990State Election in Hamburg 2004
ZA3991State Election in Thuringia 2004
ZA3992State Election in Brandenburg 2004
ZA3993State Election in the Saarland 2004
ZA3994State Election in Saxony 2004
ZA4182Landtagswahlen - Integrierter Datensatz 1964-2004