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ZA4182: Landtagswahlen - Integrierter Datensatz 1964-2004

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List of Files


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Bibliographic Citation

Citation Citation Scheuch, Erwin K.; Wildenmann, Rudolf; Baumert, Gerhard; Klingemann, Hans-Dieter; Kaase, Max; Adrian, Wolfgang; Berger, Manfred; INFRATEST, München; FORSA, Berlin (2015): Landtagswahlen - Integrierter Datensatz 1964-2004. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA4182 Data file Version 2.1.0,
Study No.ZA4182
TitleLandtagswahlen - Integrierter Datensatz 1964-2004
Current Version2.1.0, 2015-11-24,
Date of Collection1962 - 2004
Principal Investigator/ Authoring Entity, Institution
  • Scheuch, Erwin K. - Forschungsinstitut für Soziologie, Universität zu Köln
  • Wildenmann, Rudolf - Forschungsinstitut für Politische Wissenschaft und Europäische Fragen, Universität zu Köln
  • Baumert, Gerhard - DIVO, Frankfurt
  • Klingemann, Hans-Dieter - Zentralarchiv für Empirische Sozialforschung, Universität zu Köln
  • Kaase, Max - Lehrstuhl für politische Wissenschaft, Universität Mannheim
  • Adrian, Wolfgang - Lehrstuhl für politische Wissenschaft, Universität Mannheim
  • Berger, Manfred - Lehrstuhl für politische Wissenschaft, Universität Mannheim
  • INFRATEST, München
  • FORSA, Berlin


Categories Categories
  • Political Attitudes and Behavior
  • Migration
  • Community, urban and rural life
  • Conflict, security and peace
  • Political ideology
  • Political behaviour and attitudes
  • Government, political systems and organisations
  • Elections
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Economic conditions and indicators
  • Economic policy, public expenditure and revenue
  • Economic systems and development
  • Housing
Old Topics Old Topics
  • 2.2 Migration
  • 5.2 Community, urban and rural life
  • 11.3 Conflict, security and peace
  • 11.4 Political ideology
  • 11.5 Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion
  • 11.6 Government, political systems and organisation
  • 11.7 Elections
  • 16.2 Natural resources and energy
  • 17.4 Economic conditions and indicators
  • 17.5 Economic policy
  • 17.6 Economic systems and development
  • 19.2 Housing


Geographic Coverage
  • Baden-Württemberg (DE-BW)
  • Bavaria (DE-BY)
  • Berlin (DE-BE)
  • Brandenburg (DE-BB)
  • Bremen (DE-HB)
  • Hamburg (DE-HH)
  • Hesse (DE-HE)
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (DE-MV)
  • Lower Saxony (DE-NI)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia (DE-NW)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate (DE-RP)
  • Saarland (DE-SL)
  • Saxony (DE-SN)
  • Saxony-Anhalt (DE-ST)
  • Schleswig-Holstein (DE-SH)
  • Thuringia (DE-TH)
Analysis Unit Analysis Unit
  • Individual
Sampling Procedure Sampling Procedure
  • Other
Representative selection. Details in the individual study descriptions.
Mode of Collection Mode of Collection
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Telephone interview
Oral survey or telephone interview with standardized questionnaire
Time Method Time Method
  • Cross-section
Kind of Data Kind of Data
  • Numeric
Date of Collection
  • 1962 - 2004

Errata & Versions

VersionDate, Name, DOI
2.1.0 (current version)2015-11-24 m6, m7: Values 1 and 2 recoded for NRW 1985
2.0.02013-2-6 Vollversion
1.0.02010-4-13 Version number created automatically (implementation of a uniform versioning policy) (Publication Year unknown)
Errata in current version
Version changes
Changes between version 2.0.0 and it's previous version
DateSubjectDescriptionCorrection Description
2015-11-24m6, m7NRW 1985: labels for SPD and CDU inverted2015-11-24m6, m7 for NRW 1985 recoded
Changes between version 1.0.0 and it's previous version
DateSubjectDescriptionCorrection Description
2013-2-6m13_C094Falsche Parteizugehörigkeit für Karoline Linnert - CDU2013-2-6Rekodiert zu m13_G032 Parteizugehörigkeit Grüne
2013-2-6m13_S070Falsche Parteizugehörigkeit für Friedrich Rebers - SPD2013-2-6

Further Remarks

Number of Units: 115214
Number of Variables: 658
Analysis System(s): SPSS, Stata


  • Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, 38. Jahrgang, 2007, Heft 3 (Datenbestand 2006/Release 1)
  • Völkl, Kerstin; Schnapp, Kai-Uwe; Holtmann, Everhard; Gabriel, Oscar W. (Hrsg.): Wähler und Landtagswahlen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2008 (Datenbestand 2006/Release 1)
  • Völkl, Kerstin: Reine Landtagswahlen oder regionale Bundestagswahlen? Eine Untersuchung der Bedeutung des relativen Gewichts bundes- und landespolitischer Faktoren auf das Abstimmungsverhalten bei Landtagswahlen. Stuttgart: Dissertationsschrift, 2008
  • DVD "Landtagswahlen: Umfragedaten - Makrodaten - Ereignisdaten 1962-2004" GESIS Abt. Datenarchiv und Datenanalyse, Universität Stuttgart, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 2008/Release 2
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Research Data Centre
  • German Federal State Election studies
    The available studies on the German ferderal state elections go back as far as 1962. These studies were conducted for the most part as representative surveys in the run-up to elections of the Landtage, the Bremer Bürgerschaft or the Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus. German Federal State Election studies which were surveyed within the framework of the German Longitudinal Election Study (GLES) are not contained in this group.
  • State Elections in Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • State Elections in Bavaria
  • State Elections in Berlin
  • State Elections in Brandenburg