GN0070: The German Family Panel (pairfam)

The German Family Panel is a multidisciplinary, longitudinal study on partnership and family dynamics in Germany. The main study pairfam started in 2008 with a nationwide random sample of 12,402 anchor respondents from the birth cohorts 1971-73, 1981-83, and 1991-93. Starting in 2009, the complementary study DemoDiff realizes interviews among an additional sample of eastern German anchor respondents of the two older cohorts, based on largely identical instruments. In both studies, the interviews are annually conducted including the anchor respondents and their partners. In the main study pairfam also the parents and the children living in the anchor’s household are interviewed. The comprehensively documented data of the two surveys are made available to the scientific community immediately after the editing process is completed.
Study List
  • ZA5678 The German Family Panel (pairfam)
  • ZA5684 Demographic Differences in Life Course Dynamics in Eastern and Western Germany (DemoDiff)
  • ZA5959 The pairfam COVID-19 survey