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  • 10 Jun 2016 10:59 Top News
    New release of the EVS 2008 Integrated Dataset available

  • (ZA4800 Scientific Use File: v4-0-0, doi:10.4232/1.12458; ZA4799 Restricted Use File: v1-0-0, doi:10.4232/1.12483)

    An updated version of the EVS 2008 Integrated Dataset including data and documentation of 46 countries/regions is now available. To download data and documentation, please go to GESIS Data Catalogue. An overview of the most important changes to the data can be found in the Variable Report 2016/2 and by selecting section ‘Errata & Versions’ in the GESIS Data Catalogue.
    For more information, please also visit the GESIS web page 4th EVS wave 2008. Further information on the EVS research project, and on history and methods of the EVS surveys is provided by the EVS Website.

    If you have questions or concerns, e-mail us at and we would be pleased to help.