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ZA1383: Young Ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe in North Rhine-Westphalia (Intensive Survey)

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Bibliographic Citation

Citation Citation Institut für Soziale Arbeit, Münster (1984): Young Ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe in North Rhine-Westphalia(Intensive Survey). GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA1383 Data file Version 1.0.0,
Study No.ZA1383
TitleYoung Ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe in North Rhine-Westphalia (Intensive Survey)
Current Version1.0.0, 2010-4-13, (Publication Year 1984)
Date of Collection1981 - 1981
Principal Investigator/ Authoring Entity, Institution
  • Institut für Soziale Arbeit, Münster


AbstractOccupational situation and social integration of young ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe. Topics: year of conclusion of the intensive language course; desired occupation; obstacles to exercising desired occupation; importance of good occupational qualification; assumed reasons for the worse integration of ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe into the job market; importance of occupational success in comparison with satisfaction in one´s family; work orientation; criteria for choice of job; personal efforts and experiences in the search for work; measures used in personal search for work and personal change or retention of original job desire; frequency and reasons for moves; frequency of contacts with selected groups of persons; contacts with other Germans and places of meeting; leisure behavior and leisure contacts; participation in public events; perceived shortcomings in structuring one´s own leisure time; attendance at movies, theater and sporting events and reasons for non-attendance; preferred films, plays and sporting events; athletic activities; future concepts; conversation partner about the future; structuring the future according to personal concepts; optimism about the future; preferred measures to improve personal situation in the Federal Republic. Demography: age; sex; marital status; country of origin; school education; vocational training; occupation; occupational position; memberships; size of place of residence.
Categories Categories
  • Community, Living Environment
Topics Topics
  • 1.5 Employment
  • 2.2 Migration
  • 5.6 Social conditions and indicators


Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE)
UniverseThe persons who in the survey archived under ZA Study No. 1382 declared themselves willing to participate in a weekend seminar
Sampling Procedure Sampling Procedure
Mode of Collection Mode of Collection
Oral survey with standardized questionnaire
Data CollectorInstitut fuer Soziale Arbeit, Muenster
Date of Collection
  • 1981

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VersionDate, Name, DOI
1.0.0 (current version)2010-4-13 Version number created automatically (implementation of a uniform versioning policy) (Publication Year unknown)
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Further Remarks

NotesThe interviews were conducted at two weekend seminars. In this the method of mutual interview was used, i.e. the young ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe interviewed themselves towards the end of the seminar. See also the previous survey of young ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe archived under ZA Study No. 1382.
Number of Units: 58
Number of Variables: 139
Data Type: Einfachlochung
Analysis System(s): SPSS


  • Krieg, Robert: Junge Aussiedler in Nordrhein-Westfalen: Studie über die berufliche und soziale Integration von ehemaligen Sprachkursteilnehmern. Münster: Institut für Soziale Arbeit, Münster, o.J.
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