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ZA1590: Attitude to the Census (Panel: 3rd Wave, November 1987 - January 1988)

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Bibliographic Citation

Citation Citation Gräf, Lorenz; Kühnel, Steffen M.; Scheuch, Erwin K. (1988): Attitude to the Census (Panel: 3rd Wave, November 1987 - January 1988). GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA1590 Data file Version 1.0.0,
Study No.ZA1590
TitleAttitude to the Census (Panel: 3rd Wave, November 1987 - January 1988)
Current Version1.0.0, 2010-4-13, (Publication Year 1988)
Date of Collection11.1987 - 01.1988
Principal Investigator/ Authoring Entity, Institution
  • Gräf, Lorenz - Zentralarchiv für empirische Sozialforschung, Universität zu Köln
  • Kühnel, Steffen M. - Zentralarchiv für empirische Sozialforschung, Universität zu Köln
  • Scheuch, Erwin K. - Zentralarchiv für empirische Sozialforschung, Universität zu Köln


AbstractAttitude of the German population and of critics of the census to the census after census day on 31 May 1987. Political attitudes. Topics: political interest; satisfaction with democracy in the Federal Republic; government orientation toward its own interests or public interest; perceived protection of rights to freedom by the political system and the current Federal Government; satisfaction with the job of the Federal Government; attitude to the census; receipt of a written request to fill out the questionnaire; intent to participate in the census before start of counting; personal willingness to participate in the census even given voluntary participation; assumed level of non-participation in the census; attitude to the census in one´s circle of friends and acquaintances; conversations about the census in social surroundings after conclusion of the survey and time of last conversation; knowledge about contents of the census survey; additionally expected questions; questions that one would not gladly answer; response or boycott behavior during the survey; attitude to government statistics; attitude to punishment of census boycotters and knowledge of cases of refusal; assumed willingness of the population to participate as well as honesty of responses given voluntary participation in the census; voluntarily providing selected personal data; preference for census or providing data already available by government offices; assumed benefit or damage from discussions about the census in the media and reasons for this assessment; attitude to earlier calls for boycott and to the time of survey; judgement on the success of the boycott movement; attitude to selected arguments for and against the census; benefit of a census; attitude to the obligation to provide information; census boycott as protest against the government; census participation as democratic duty; self-assessment on a left-right continuum; assumed position of the majority of the population on a left-right continuum; understanding of democracy and comparison of this right with reality in the Federal Republic; party preference; violation of fundamental rights by measures of authorities perceived personally or by persons from social surroundings; attitude to technology; perceived insecurity in contact with authorities and attitude to government offices; concerns regarding misuse of personal census data; trust in observance of data protection; attitude to storage of personal data; importance of data protection; assumed observance of data protection regulations; knowledge of cases of data misuse and source of information about such violations; assumed willingness to participate in a future census; attitude to opinion polls (scale); willingness to participate in a microcensus survey; willingness to provide information from one´s private sphere to friends, neighbors, census bureaus and scientific surveys; attitude to selected government statistics; willingness to respond in order to make statistics possible; fear of data misuse; concerns regarding misuse of personal data by selected institutions and government offices (scale); attitude to selected illegal actions (scale); religiousness (scale); attitude to questions of belief and the meaning of life (scale); belief in supernatural, inexplicable events as well as horoscopes and telepathy. Demography: month of birth; year of birth; sex; religious denomination; school education; employment; college in vicinity of place of residence; students in residential area; possession of a telephone. Interviewer rating: presence of third persons during interview and person desiring this presence; intervention of others in interview and person causing the intervention; attitude to the census of other persons present during interview; presence of further persons in other rooms; reliability and willingness of respondent to cooperate. Additionally encoded were: length of interview; date of interview; identification of interviewer; sex of interviewer; age of interviewer.
Categories Categories
  • Political Institutions
Topics Topics
  • 2.4 Censuses
  • 6 Law, crime and legal systems
  • 11.5 Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion


Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE), FRG incl. West Berlin
Sampling Procedure Sampling Procedure
Re-interview of the persons interviewed in the second panel wave (ZA Study No. 1589) as well as of persons interviewed in the first panel wave (ZA Study No. 1588), but not contacted in the survey of the second panel wave.
Mode of Collection Mode of Collection
Oral survey with standardized questionnaire
Data CollectorGFM-GETAS, Hamburg
Date of Collection
  • 11.1987 - 01.1988

Errata & Versions

VersionDate, Name, DOI
1.0.0 (current version)2010-4-13 Version number created automatically (implementation of a uniform versioning policy) (Publication Year unknown)
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Further Remarks

NotesThe census project encompasses altogether 5 cross-section studies (ZA Study Nos. 1583 to 1587) and a panel survey conducted in three waves (ZA Study Nos. 1588 to 1590). The summarized data set of the 5 cross-section studies is archived under ZA Study No. 1591 and the summarized data set of the panel study is archived under ZA Study No. 1592.
Number of Units: 1282
Number of Variables: 201
Data Type: -
Analysis System(s): SPSS, Stata


  • Scheuch, Erwin K.; Gräf, Lorenz; Kühnel, Steffen M.: Begleituntersuchung zur Volkszählung 1987: Endbericht zum 30. 11. 1988: Analysen und Tabellenband. Köln: Zentralarchiv für empirische Sozialforschung 1988.
  • Scheuch, Erwin K.; Gräf, Lorenz; Kühnel, Steffen-M.: Volkszählung, Volkszählungsprotest und Bürgerverhalten. Ergebnisse der Begleituntersuchung zur Volkszählung 1987. Forum der Bundesstatistik, Band 12 Stuttgart: Metzler-Poeschel 1989.
  • Kühnel, Steffen-M.: Zwischen Boykott und Kooperation. Teilnahmeabsicht und Teilnahmeverhalten bei der Volkszählung 1987. Empirische und methodologische Beiträge zur Sozialwissenschaft, Band 11. Frankfurt u.a.: Peter Lang 1993.
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