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ZA0820: The Situation of Students in the Federal Republic

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Bibliographic Citation

Citation Citation Kaase, Max; Does, Karl-Josef; Kaltefleiter, Werner (1976): The Situation of Students in the Federal Republic. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA0820 Data file Version 1.0.0,
Study No.ZA0820
TitleThe Situation of Students in the Federal Republic
Current Version1.0.0, 2010-4-13, (Publication Year 1976)
Date of Collection06.1975 - 07.1975
Principal Investigator/ Authoring Entity, Institution
  • Kaase, Max - ZUMA, Mannheim
  • Does, Karl-Josef - Sozialwissenschaftliches Forschungsinstitut der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Alfter/Bonn
  • Kaltefleiter, Werner - Seminar für Wissenschaft und Geschichte der Politik, Universität Kiel
Contributor, Institution, Role
  • GESIS - Distributor
  • GESIS - HostingInstitution


AbstractStudies and situation in life as well as political and college policy attitudes of students at scientific colleges in the FRG. Topics: Learning conditions; assessment of restricted admission; criticism of study conditions and examination regulations; assessment of personal occupation prospects; criteria for occupational success; expectations of the economic development of the FRG; attitudes to politics; political interest; criticism of the political system of the FRG; most important problems of the FRG and issue ability of the party; judgement on the political leadership elite; judgement on equal opportunities in the FRG and designation of underprivileged groups; attitudes to various forms of political protest; personal participation in protest actions; assessment of the success of political actions; attitudes to unconventional political conduct; party identification and party ties; behavior at the polls in the Federal Parliament election 1972 and party preference; scale for agreement of one´s own opinion with opinion of top politicians of the Federal Parliament, the opposition, certain parties, the Jusos {Young Socialists}, the Young Democrats and the Young Union; attitudes to college politics; interest, information level and participation in college politics; assessment of college political problems and political college groups; membership in a college group; year of high school graduation and type of school attended; participation in community service or military service; source of income and sum of money available monthly; interest of parents in politics, party preference of father; self-assessment and assessment of parents on a left-right continuum. Demography: year of high school graduation and type of school attended; religiousness; housing situation; amount of rent; age; sex; marital status; number of children; religious denomination; religiousness; school education; interest in politics; social origins; military service. Interviewer rating: length of interview.
Categories Categories
  • University, Research, the Sciences
Topics Topics
  • 3.6 Post-compulsory education
  • 11.5 Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion


Geographic Coverage
  • Germany (DE), FRG incl. West Berlin
UniverseGerman students at scientific colleges with at least 1800 students in the summer semester 1975.
Analysis Unit Analysis Unit
  • Individual
Sampling Procedure Sampling Procedure
  • Non-probability: Quota
  • Probability: Simple random
In part quota sample, in part simple random selection
Mode of Collection Mode of Collection
  • Face-to-face interview
Oral survey with standardized questionnaire
Time Method Time Method
  • Cross-section
Kind of Data Kind of Data
  • Numeric
Data CollectorINFRATEST, Muenchen
Date of Collection
  • 06.1975 - 07.1975

Errata & Versions

VersionDate, Name, DOI
1.0.0 (current version)2010-4-13 Version number created automatically (implementation of a uniform versioning policy) (Publication Year unknown)
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Further Remarks

Number of Units: 1994
Number of Variables: 322
Data Type: Einfachlochung
Analysis System(s): OSIRIS, SPSS


  • Does, Karl-Josef: Studenten und Politik in der Bildungskrise: Eine Untersuchung über Einstellungen von Studenten in der Bundesrepublik zu Politik, Hochschule, Studium und Beruf. St. Augustin: Selbstverlag 1978.
  • Does, Karl-Josef: Abschied vom Protest oder Ruhe vor dem Sturm? In: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte. (Beilage zur Wochenzeitung: Das Parlament 26. März 1977).
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