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ZA2800: ALLBUS/GGSS 1996 (Allgemeine Bevölkerungsumfrage der Sozialwissenschaften/German General Social Survey 1996)

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Study No.2800
TitleALLBUS/GGSS 1996 (Allgemeine Bevölkerungsumfrage der Sozialwissenschaften/German General Social Survey 1996)
Other Titles

    Current Version2.0.0, 14.04.2014, 10.4232/1.11888
    Date of Collection
    Principal Investigator/ Authoring Entity, Institution
    • Allerbeck, Klaus R. - Universität Frankfurt
    • Allmendinger, Jutta - Universität München
    • Bürklin, Wilhelm - Universität Potsdam
    • Kiefer, Marie-Luise - Universität Wien
    • Müller, Walter - Universität Mannheim
    • Opp, Karl-Dieter - Universität Leipzig
    • Scheuch, Erwin K. - Universität Köln

    • Society, Culture

    • 2.2 Migration
    • 5.4 Cultural and national identity
    • 5.6 Social conditions and indicators
    • 5.8 Social behaviour and attitudes
    • 6 Law, crime and legal systems
    • 11.5 Mass political behaviour, attitudes / opinion
    • 11.6 Government, political systems and organisation
    • 13 Social stratification and groupings
    • 17.5 Economic policy


    Errata in current version
    2016-5-31Stata: V159, V160, V175, V176, V207, V208, V241, V242, V255, V256, V334, V337For Stata data sets: Unlabeled missing values with decimal places have to be recoded to integer values and labels have to be added. For correction of the Stata dataset a patch was provided together with the Stata dataset. Please download
    Version 2.0.0
    (current version)
    2014-4-14 fit for ZACAT doi:10.4232/1.11888
    Version 1.0.02010-4-13 Version number created automatically (implementation of a uniform versioning policy) doi:10.4232/1.2800 (Publication Year 2002)