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ZA5900: International Social Survey Programme: Family and Changing Gender Roles IV - ISSP 2012

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List of Files


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  • ZA5900_q_za-ts.pdf (Questionnaire) 350 KBytes
  • ZA5900_q_za-xh.pdf (Questionnaire) 377 KBytes
  • ZA5900_q_za-zu.pdf (Questionnaire) 331 KBytes


  • ZA5900_cdb.pdf (Variable Report) 6 MBytes

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  • ZA1490_all_Overview_Duplicated_Records.xlsx (Table) 203 KBytes
  • (Other Document) 25 MBytes
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  • ZA5900_Characteristics_es.pdf (Other Document) 34 KBytes
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  • ZA5900_Characteristics_nl.pdf (Other Document) 14 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_no.pdf (Other Document) 49 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_ph.pdf (Other Document) 45 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_pl.pdf (Other Document) 84 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_pt.pdf (Other Document) 125 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_ru.pdf (Other Document) 26 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_se.pdf (Other Document) 37 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_si.pdf (Other Document) 28 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_sk.pdf (Other Document) 26 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_tr.pdf (Other Document) 42 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_tw.pdf (Other Document) 54 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_us.pdf (Other Document) 24 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_ve.pdf (Other Document) 29 KBytes
  • ZA5900_Characteristics_za.pdf (Other Document) 35 KBytes
  • ZA5900_mr.pdf (Method Report) 312 KBytes
  • ZA5900_overview.pdf (Other Document) 226 KBytes
  • (Study Description) 1 MByte
  • ZA5900_sd_ar.pdf (Study Description) 41 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_at.pdf (Study Description) 28 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_au.pdf (Study Description) 41 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_be.pdf (Study Description) 26 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_bg.pdf (Study Description) 59 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_ca.pdf (Study Description) 30 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_ch.pdf (Study Description) 33 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_cl.pdf (Study Description) 41 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_cn.pdf (Study Description) 29 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_cz.pdf (Study Description) 34 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_de.pdf (Study Description) 38 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_dk.pdf (Study Description) 41 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_es.pdf (Study Description) 49 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_fi.pdf (Study Description) 37 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_fr.pdf (Study Description) 30 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_gb.pdf (Study Description) 37 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_hr.pdf (Study Description) 53 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_hu.pdf (Study Description) 25 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_ie.pdf (Study Description) 76 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_il.pdf (Study Description) 35 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_in.pdf (Study Description) 26 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_is.pdf (Study Description) 29 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_jp.pdf (Study Description) 36 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_kr.pdf (Study Description) 30 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_lt.pdf (Study Description) 50 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_lv.pdf (Study Description) 33 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_mx.pdf (Study Description) 35 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_nl.pdf (Study Description) 221 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_no.pdf (Study Description) 69 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_ph.pdf (Study Description) 35 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_pl.pdf (Study Description) 36 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_pt.pdf (Study Description) 34 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_ru.pdf (Study Description) 47 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_se.pdf (Study Description) 31 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_si.pdf (Study Description) 36 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_sk.pdf (Study Description) 36 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_tr.pdf (Study Description) 54 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_tw.pdf (Study Description) 37 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_us.pdf (Study Description) 34 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_ve.pdf (Study Description) 61 KBytes
  • ZA5900_sd_za.pdf (Study Description) 31 KBytes
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International Social Survey Programme: Family and Changing Gender Roles IV - ISSP 2012
Availability Availability A - Data and documents are released for academic research and teaching.
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Bibliographic Citation

Citation Citation ISSP Research Group (2016): International Social Survey Programme: Family and Changing Gender Roles IV - ISSP 2012. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA5900 Data file Version 4.0.0,
Study No.ZA5900
TitleInternational Social Survey Programme: Family and Changing Gender Roles IV - ISSP 2012
Current Version4.0.0, 2016-11-23,
Date of Collection16.08.2011 - 31.01.2015
Principal Investigator/ Authoring Entity, Institution
  • Jorat, Jorge R. - Instituto Gino Germani, Universidad de Buenos Aires, and CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas)
  • Evans, Ann - The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
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  • Carleton University Survey Centre, Ottawa, Canada
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AbstractFamily and changing gender roles. Topics: attitude towards employment of mothers; role distribution of man and woman in occupation and household; preferred extent of employment for women during different stages of child raising; attitudes towards marriage, cohabitation without marriage, and divorce; attitudes towards single-parenting and childcare by same sex female and male couples (alternative family forms); ideal number of children for a family; attitudes towards children: views on the significance of children in life; gender, care and social policy: attitude towards paid leave for full-time working parents and preferred duration of paid leave; source of finance for paid leave; preferred division of this paid leave period between mother and father; best way of organisation of family and work life for a family with a child under school age and the least desirable option; principal payers for childcare for children under school age (family itself, government or public funds or employers); family or institutions that should primarily provide support for the elderly; principal payer for this help to elderly people; time budget for housekeeping and looking after family members for both partners; management of income in marriage or partnership; allocation of duties in the household and in family matters; estimation of fair share of the household work; decision making within partnership in weekend activities and in matters of child raising; principal earner (partner with higher income); frequency of stress caused by family, work and household duties; estimation of general personal happiness; satisfaction with employment situation and family life; assessment of personal health; employment of mother during childhood of respondent; employment of respondent and spouse/partner in various phases of child raising. Demography: sex; age; year of birth; years in school; education (country specific); highest completed degree; work status; hours worked weekly; employment relationship; number of employees; supervision of employees; number of supervised employees; type of organization: for-profit vs. non profit and public vs. private; occupation (ISCO-88); main employment status; living in steady partnership; union membership; religious affiliation or denomination (country specific); groups of religious denominations; attendance of religious services; top-bottom self-placement; vote in last general election; country specific party voted in last general election; party voted (left-right); ethnicity (country specific); number of children; number of toddlers; size of household; earnings of respondent (country specific); family income (country specific); marital status; place of living: urban – rural; region (country specific). Information about spouse and about partner on: work status; hours worked weekly; employment relationship: supervises other employees, occupation (ISCO-88); main employment status; education and age of current spouse/partner; duration of current relationship. Additionally encoded: date of interview; case substitution flag; mode of data collection; weight.
Categories Categories
  • Family
  • Person, Personality, Role
  • Family life and marriage
  • Gender and gender roles
Old Topics Old Topics
  • 13.3 Family life and marriage
  • 13.4 Gender and gender roles


Geographic Coverage
  • Argentina (AR)
  • Australia (AU)
  • Austria (AT)
  • Bulgaria (BG)
  • Canada (CA)
  • Chile (CL)
  • China (CN)
  • Croatia (HR)
  • Denmark (DK)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Finland (FI)
  • France (FR)
  • Great Britain (GB-GBN)
  • Iceland (IS)
  • Ireland (IE)
  • Israel (IL)
  • Japan (JP)
  • Korea, Republic of (KR)
  • Latvia (LV)
  • Mexico (MX)
  • Lithuania (LT)
  • Norway (NO)
  • Philippines (PH)
  • Poland (PL)
  • Russian Federation (RU)
  • Sweden (SE)
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • Slovenia (SI)
  • Slovakia (SK)
  • South Africa (ZA)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Taiwan (TW)
  • Czech Republic (CZ)
  • Turkey (TR)
  • United States of America (US)
  • Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of (VE)
  • India (IN)
  • Hungary (HU)
  • Belgium (BE)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • Portugal (PT)
UniverseAge: 18 years old and older Exceptions: Finland, Iceland, Japan, South Africa and Venezuela
Analysis Unit Analysis Unit
  • Individual
Sampling Procedure Sampling Procedure
  • Probability
Sampling procedures differ for the individual countries: partly simple, partly multi-stage stratified random samples
Mode of Collection Mode of Collection
  • Interview
  • Self-administered questionnaire
Mode of interview differs for the individual countries: partly face-to-face interviews (partly CAPI) with standardized questionnaire, partly paper and pencil and postal survey and partly web survey
Time Method Time Method
  • Cross-section
Kind of Data Kind of Data
  • Numeric
Data CollectorInstituto Gino Germani, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina; Academic Surveys Australia, Australia; IFES, Vienna, Austria; Research Center of the Flemish Government, Brussels, and IWEPS, Namur, – mailing by the National Register, Belgium; ESI Center, Bulgaria; Carleton University Survey Centre, Ottawa, Canada; ICCOM, Chile; The National Survey Research Center, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China; GFK market research, Zagreb, Croatia; MEDIAN research age, Czech Republic; Rambøll Denmark A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark; Statistics Finland, Helsinki, Finland; Centre de Recherche en Economie et Statistique (CREST), Laboratoire de Sociologie Quantitative, Malakoff, France; TNS Infratest, Munich, Germany; National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), London, Great Britain; TARKI Social Research Institute, Hungary; Social Science Research Institute – University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland; CVoter News Services Pvt. Ltd., India; SSRC (Social Science Research Centre), Dublin, Ireland; B.I. and Lucille Cohen institute, Tel Aviv, Israel; Central Research Services, Inc., Japan; Survey Research Center at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea; Institute of Sociological Research, Latvia; BALTIC SURVEYS Ltd., Lithuania; Instituto de Mercadotecnia y Opinión (IMO), Mexico; Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology, Free University Amsterdam, Netherlands; TNS Gallup (contact and paper questionnaire administration) and NSD (web questionnaire administration), Norway; Social Weather Stations, Quezon City, Philippines; Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS), Warsaw, Poland; TNS Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal; Levada Center, Moscow, Russia; TNS Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia; Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre (CJMMK), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), Pretoria, South Africa; Center of Sociological Research (CIS), Spain; SIFO, Sweden; M.I.S. Trend SA, Institut de recherches sociales et économiques, Lausanne, Switzerland; Center for Survey Research, RCHSS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan; Infakto Research Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey; National Opinion Research Center (NORC), USA; Instituto DELPHOS, Caracas, Venezuela;
Date of Collection
  • 06.10.2012 - 29.07.2013 (Argentina)
  • 21.05.2012 - 12.06.2013 (Australia)
  • 09.11.2013 - 20.12.2013 (Austria)
  • 16.08.2011 - 20.09.2011 (Bulgaria)
  • 15.11.2013 - 31.03.2014 (Canada)
  • 30.03.2012 - 25.04.2012 (Chile)
  • 12.10.2013 - 10.11.2013 (Croatia)
  • 15.06.2012 - 01.10.2012 (China)
  • 24.02.2012 - 30.03.2012 (Czech Republic)
  • 08.01.2013 - 01.03.2013 (Denmark)
  • 21.09.2012 - 07.12.2012 (Finland)
  • 04.2012 - 09.2012 (France)
  • 23.04.2012 - 30.09.2012 (Germany)
  • 30.06.2012 - 07.11.2012 (Great Britain)
  • 21.12.2012 - 20.05.2013 (Ireland)
  • 30.06.2013 - 21.03.2014 (Iceland)
  • 19.11.2011 - 26.04.2012 (Israel)
  • 24.11.2012 - 02.12.2012 (Japan)
  • 16.04.2013 - 12.05.2013 (Latvia)
  • 12.01.2013 - 05.02.2013 (Lithuania)
  • 23.07.2013 - 19.08.2013 (Mexico)
  • 24.10.2012 - 30.12.2012 (Norway)
  • 29.11.2012 - 03.12.2012 (Philippines)
  • 13.04.2013 - 25.04.2013 (Poland)
  • 01.06.2012 - 16.06.2012 (Russia)
  • 25.10.2012 - 10.12.2012 (Slovakia)
  • 29.03.2012 - 28.05.2012 (Slovenia)
  • 20.09.2012 - 30.01.2013 (South Africa)
  • 23.06.2012 - 31.08.2012 (South Korea)
  • 15.04.2012 - 25.06.2012 (Spain)
  • 05.03.2012 - 11.05.2012 (Sweden)
  • 12.02.2013 - 30.07.2013 (Switzerland)
  • 15.07.2012 - 14.10.2012 (Taiwan)
  • 02.02.2013 - 07.04.2013 (Turkey)
  • 19.03.2012 - 05.09.2012 (United States)
  • 01.06.2013 - 15.06.2013 (Venezuela)
  • 24.03.2014 - 10.04.2014 (India)
  • 13.03.2013 - 20.03.2013 (Hungary)
  • 13.11.2013 - 24.02.2014 (Belgium)
  • 28.02.2013 - 01.09.2013 (Netherlands)
  • 29.06.2014 - 31.01.2015 (Portugal)

Errata & Versions

VersionDate, Name, DOI
4.0.0 (current version)2016-11-23 Portugal added, errata corrected
3.0.02016-2-29 3 countries added (Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands), complete update for Canada, revision of single variables (see errata)
2.0.02014-8-21 13 countries added
1.0.02014-3-21 first archive edition
Errata in current version
2017-7-25WEIGHT: South Africa - Data errorThe primary investigator of South Africa informed about a substantial error in the weight variable due to the wrong merging syntax. Please contact to be provided with the correct version.
2017-11-29TOPBOT (Top-Bottom self-placement) - Unites States of America: Data missingUnintentionally, TOPBOT was not provided from the US. In fact, the question on TOPBOT was asked. An update is now available, please contact
2017-12-6ATTEND (Attendance of religious services) - Australia: Data missing Presumably erroneously, ATTEND was not provided from Australia. In fact, the question on ATTEND was asked. An update is now available, please contact
2018-2-1Information on identified duplicated records in ISSP datasets:Please, check in document ‘ZA1490_All_Overview_Duplicated Records.xlsx’ in tab ‘Data & Documents’, subtab ’Other Documents’, whether the dataset at hand contains any identified duplicated records. The document also offers recommendations for treatment.
2020-2-24Basic QuestionnaireIt has turned out that the published version of the Basic Questionnaire (dated 17th May 2011) was not the latest version agreed on between the members of the drafting group. For the latest version (dated 31st May 2011) slightly revisions were implemented for Q8, Q13, Q29 and Q30. The former version has been replaced. It is however still available on demand:
Version changes
Changes between version 4.0.0 and it's previous version
DateSubjectDescriptionCorrection Description
2016-11-20V28, V37-V40, HOMPOP, HHCHILDR, HHTODD - China: Higher level of detail availableIn case of China, in the variables V28, V37-V40, HOMPOP, HHCHILDR, HHTODD all respondents having answered category 3 or above were summarized under category 3.2016-11-23China’s principal investigator sent an update with precise categories which have been merged into the integrated dataset.
2016-11-20ZA_DEGR, South Africa: Coding errorIn case of South Africa, category 10 ´Grade 8/Standard 6/Form 1´ is erroneously missing and included in category 19 ´Diploma/certificate with Grade 12/Std 10´.2016-11-23Error could be fixed after an update has been sent from South Africa´s principal investigator.
2016-11-20DEGREE - South Africa: Deviating codingDEGREE has been derived a bit differently from ZA_DEGR in ISSP 2012 than in the latest ISSP survey e.g. of 2014. 2016-11-23Derivation adjusted to the latest standard.
2016-11-20MARITAL - China, South Korea, Turkey and Venezuela: Deviating codingIn case of China, South Korea, Turkey ´Living together unmarried´ has been coded as category 2 ´Civil partnership´.2016-11-23These cases have been recoded to category 6 ´Never married/ never in a civil parnership´ since ´Living together unmarried´ is no legal partnership status in these countries and this information is asked by means of the variable ´PARTLIV´.
Changes between version 3.0.0 and it's previous version
DateSubjectDescriptionCorrection Description
2014-10-9SPMAINST - Iceland: Data errorIn case of Iceland, the variable SPMAINST is wrong due to an error in the original data. 2016-2-29Fixed.
2014-10-21MARITAL, PARTLIV and other variables - Canada: Data inconsistenciesIn case of Canada, the principal investigator informed us about serious errors and data inconsistencies in the original data set especially in the variables PARTLIV and MARITAL and recommended to exclude the Canadian data from the analysis. An updated file will be provided till the end of the year.2016-2-29Fixed - Canada provided a second, totally revised data set that includes fewer cases due to adjusting the data for non-response, other problems and duplicate records (sample size now: 972).
2014-11-10ATTEND - Russia: Missing informationIn case of Russia, the variable ATTEND is missing in the international data set (v2.0.0). 2016-2-29Complemented.
2014-11-24IS_DEGR, DEGREE, V65 (Spouse/Partner: Degree), HOMPOP - Iceland: Data updateIn case of Iceland, the following variables IS_DEGR, DEGREE, V65 and HOMPOP have been updated by the principal investigator.2016-2-29Replaced.
2016-2-29DEGREE - Great Britain, India, Sweden: Data modification due to harmonizationIn case of Great Britain, India and Sweden the variable DEGREE did not entirely meet the required ISSP standard.2016-2-29Recoded.
2016-2-29PARTLIV - United States: Data updateThe principal investigator for the US sent an update for the variable PARTLIV.2016-2-29Replaced.
2016-2-29V55-V58, EDUCYRS, ZA_DEGR, DEGREE, EMPREL, NEMPLOY, WRKSUP, ZA_RELIG, RELIGGRP, HOMPOP - South Africa: Data update For South Africa the following variables were revised by the principal investigator: V55-V58, EDUCYRS, ZA_DEGR, DEGREE, EMPREL, NEMPLOY, WRKSUP, ZA_RELIG, RELIGGRP and HOMPOP. 2016-2-29Fixed.
2016-2-29V51-V54 Q23a-d - Venezuela: Reversed scale (possibly)Due to a possible error in the variables V51-V54 (Q23) the principal investigator asked the Archive to reverse the scale for this question, which has been done from data set version 2-0-0 to data set version 3-0-0. 2016-2-29We urgently advise to be careful by analysing these Venezuelan variables.
2016-2-29Venezuela: Data problem - duplicate records (differend id numbers)The following pairs of cases are coded completely identical for all variables except for the id number (CASEID): 2012008620000101=2012008620000119; 2012008620000866=2012008620000911; 2012008620000472=2012008620000511; 2012008620000564=2012008620000671; 2012008620000102=2012008620000148; 2012008620000306=2012008620000343; 2012008620000308=2012008620000347; 2012008620000307=2012008620000346; 2012008620000563=2012008620000615; 2012008620000165=2012008620000214; 2012008620000163=2012008620000183; 2012008620000164=2012008620000186; 2012008620000310=2012008620000401; 2012008620000309=2012008620000380; 2012008620000441=2012008620000442; 2012008620000865=2012008620000894. The following pairs of cases are coded completely identical for all variables except for the variables id number (CASEID), region (VE_REG) and the weighting factor (WEIGHT): 2012008620000097=2012008620000311; 2012008620000085=2012008620000098; 2012008620000006=2012008620000091). The examination procedure for duplicate records in the GESIS Data Archive follows an approach developed in the project “Democratic Values and Protest Behavior: Data Harmonization, Measurement Comparability, and Multi-Level Modeling in Cross-National Perspective”. Duplicate records were here detected by Przemek Powalko in the process of data harmonization under a grant from the Polish National Science Centre, Harmonia-2012/06/M/HS6/00322) for cooperation between the Polish Academy of Sciences and The Ohio State University (PI: Kazimierz M. Slomczynski, co-PI: J. Craig Jenkins).2016-2-29After consultation with the primary researcher for Venezuela the following id numbers have been deleted: 2012008620000119, 2012008620000911, 2012008620000511, 2012008620000671, 2012008620000148, 2012008620000343, 2012008620000347, 2012008620000346, 2012008620000615, 2012008620000214, 2012008620000183, 2012008620000186, 2012008620000401, 2012008620000380, 2012008620000442, 2012008620000894, 2012008620000311, 2012008620000085, 2012008620000091. The sample is made up of 997 respondents now.

Further Remarks

NotesThe different modes of data collection including the sample size are listed below over all participating countries: Argentina: 977 paper and pencil; Australia: 1612 Self-completion, paper and pencil, mailed to, mailed back by respondent; Austria: 1182 CAPI; Belgium: 2202, self-administered questionnaire: paper; Bulgaria: 1003 PAPI; Canada: 972 Mail; Chile: 1564 Personal interview; China: 5946 Face-to-face interview; Croatia: 1000 Face-to-face interview; Czech Republic: 1804 Personal interview; Denmark: 1403 Web based (self-completion), a postal introduction letter containing a link was mailed to all respondents. If non-response then follow up by telephone (if possible, otherwise postal) where respondents were offered to do a telephone interview (CATI) or have the link send by email. Respondents aged 66 years or older were also offered to receive a postal questionnaire; Finland: 1171 Postal (both directions), self-completion, paper & pencil OR internet; France: 2409 Mail; Germany: 1766 Self-completion questionnaire (CASI), interviewer in attendance Background variables were asked face-to-face (CAPI); Great Britain: 950 The ISSP module is implemented as a self-completion questionnaire, completed by the respondent after the main face-to-face interview and collected by the interviewer or posted by the respondent; Hungary: 1012 Face-to-face interview (PAPI) Iceland: 1172 Face-to-face interview and web interview; India: 1660 Face-to-face PAPI, no visuals; Ireland: 1215 Self-completed Postal Questionnaire with online option; Israel: 1220 Personal interview; Japan: 1212 Self-completion; Latvia: 1000 Personal interview; Lithuania: 1187 Face to face interview/paper and pencil interview (PAPI), with visuals; Mexico: 1527 Personal interview; Netherlands: 1315 Postal survey; Norway: 1444 The main survey was conducted as a combined mail survey and web survey; Philippines: 1200 Personal interview; Poland: 1115 Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI); Portugal: 1001 Face-to-face, PAPI and CAPI; Russia: 1525 Face-to-face-interview; Slovakia: 1128 CAPI with visuals (visuals displayed on screen); Slovenia: 1034 CAPI; South Africa: 2547 Face-to-face interview; South Korea: 1396 Face-to-face interview; Spain: 2595 Personal interview; Sweden: 1060 Separate postal survey with several reminders; Switzerland: 1237 CAPI; Taiwan: 2072 Face-to-face interview (pencil and paper & CAPI); Turkey: 1620 Face-to-face interview; USA: 1302 CAPI; Venezuela: 997 Face-to-face interview 24 Countries included in the first release (ZA5900_v1-0-0): Argentina Bulgaria Chile Czech Republic Denmark Finnland France Germany Great Britain Ireland Israel Japan Latvia Lithuania Mexico Norway Philippines Poland Sweden Slovakia Slovenia Spain Switzerland Taiwan Additionally 13 countries in the second release (ZA5900_v2-0-0): Australia Austria Canada China Croatia India Iceland Korea Russia South Africa Turkey United States Venezuela Plus 3 further countries in the third release (ZA5900_v3-0-0): Belgium Hungary Netherlands Plus 1 further country added in the fourth release (ZA5900_v4-0-0): Portugal
Number of Units: 61754
Number of Variables: 420
Analysis System(s): SPSS, Stata


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